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office space


In a simple sense, we target Office, Industrial and Retail commercial real estate investment assets ranging in value from $2MM to $75MM.  

However, we are purposefully thoughtful and enterprising – so we don’t shy away from great opportunities.  If an asset or portfolio requires unique expertise we don’t possess ourselves (self-storage, multifamily) or is larger than usual, we’re happy to bring in the right folks.  In fact, we’re intentionally flexible and believe that Joint Ventures – where each party brings complementary expertise and value add – often drive the best outcomes.  While we’re always out to win, we’re happy to share the podium with others. 


What makes us different?  Deep market relationships that produce unmatched information, an enterprising mindset, a full spectrum of vertically integrated resources and a reputation rooted in integrity. 

Our relationships within our markets are second to none.  Having cultivated deep relationships over the years puts us on the leading edge of information flow and allows us to act quickly and with wisdom when compelling opportunities arise. 


We’re nimble, flexible and entrepreneurial.  Our success only occurs when we create value, and often that’s best achieved through independent thought and an enterprising mindset. 


Our sister companies provide institutional-quality development, construction, property management, facility services, and brokerage services, allowing us to create value with tremendous precision and control, on-time and on-budget.                   


We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are unwavering in our honesty, integrity, effort, and expectations.  We’re your prototypical Midwesterners – we don’t cut corners, we don’t rest until the job is finished and done well, and we deeply value people and relationships.  While we always aim to win, we’ll only do so by doing it the right way.    

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